NYT Danmark Byggeri is among the best construction and renovation
companies in Denmark. The exceptional track record built in over
the 15 years demonstrates our capacity to deliver innovative
solutions across a wide range of sectors, to the highest quality standards.

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Mansory work that turn your dream project into reality

No job is too big and neither too small, at Nyt Danmark Byggeri we offer quality, adaptability and affordability to our customers. We are among the best team to renovate your house inside out, with not less than 15 years of experienced in renovations of all kinds, bringing your dream to reality.
Our Company is the perfect combination of as well as the ideal balance between creativity and structure, vision and organization, quality materials and flawless execution.

What We Do

Architecture has to do with planning and designing form, space and ambience to reflect aesthetic considerations.

Recent Projects

Clients Testimonials

James Turly

“I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of organization and the finish of my bathroom at my villas”

James Turly

Kinsley Logiman

“Exceptional work done by NYT, the renovation of my house is a bliss, thank you so much”

Kinsley Logiman

Lyle Milan

“The project was delivered on time and the finish was absolutely faboulous”

Lyle Milan