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Nyt Danmark Byggeri

Who we are...?

NDK.byg specializes in restoration, reconstruction, and renovation of damaged, old and new properties in Denmark. From facade plaster, indoors and outdoors remodeling, new bathroom, new floor, with whatever materials available on the market, we bring your projects to term at an affordable cost.

How we work...

We always come to the work site, take measurements, verify surfaces, and discuss with the customer about the project. Then analyze the project to ensure everything has been well planned, send a quotation and the date of start. Then start right away after approval.

What are we doing

  1. Wall plaster- indoors and outdoors, using the suitable materials for each and every
    surface to ensure Solidity and durability.
  2. Micro cement Tiles/natural stones- we work with all varieties of tiles and stones as
    there is such a wide range of these products, we do tiles in houses and offices as well.

We help Design & Build beautiful Homes & Apartments

About NDK.byg

We are a team of specialized craftsman who had been dedicating the past ten years over restoration and renovation of old and new properties in Denmark, sharpening knowledge and techniques, and keeping us up to date with the upcoming eco friendly products, so that our progress in each projects can also contribute for a greener tomorrow.
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Meeting, Observing and Analyzing


Planning and Quotation


Project acquisition


Testing and Finish

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Nyt Danmark byggeri offers holistic planning and construction services. We also have different packages that can be customised according to your requirements.

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    The founders

    Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson

    Phone: +45 30 63 48 69
    Kinsley David Mashoule

    Kinsley David Mashoule

    Phone: +45 30 63 48 69