It is very easy to get swayed by what experienced people tell you. But what people often miss is that experience includes a lot of internalised myths and hearsay. For example, if you are planning to remodel your home, it is only natural that you are receiving a lot of advice from multiple sources right about now. Go ahead and make the best of it, but do remember to take the reinforced “facts” about home remodelling with a pinch of salt. You see, many of them aren’t necessarily universal, and most aren’t even true! Here are some common myths you might encounter while remodelling your house~ make sure to steer well clear of them!

Just fix it with paint or wallpaper; it always works.

Nope, paint or wallpaper isn’t the quick solution to everything that people seem to think it is. You can’t just paint over a large crack to make it disappear. Nor can you slap wallpaper onto a wall ruined by moisture or termites. Well, you technically can, but it won’t do any good in the long run. It doesn’t solve the underlying issue, and it naturally won’t give you a lasting solution to the problem. What you need to do is rework the structural factors that are causing the problem in the first place in the case of chronic issues regarding the health of your home.

You’d save a ton if you just DIY it.

Look, it is obviously fun to watch when your favourite family YouTuber makes a vlog while DIY-ing his newly purchased mansion. In fact, they almost make the process look relaxing and even exciting. But let’s be real here, that barely ever happens. Unless you are a master craftsman, you will probably mess up a bunch of times. It will become way more expensive because doing and redoing parts of your home while making many mistakes is definitely stressful and cost-intensive. A more straightforward way to go about it would be to just hire professionals who are actually used to making people’s homes prettier for a living! They’re sure to have a better grasp of things.

Renovations will be swift and easy.

You can kiss that assurance goodbye. Even if the professionals you hire tell you that it will be a small and swift process, they’re probably just saying it to put you at ease. This is not to say that the process is always long and painstaking. Home remodelling isn’t particularly scary, but there is a possibility that it leaves the course you have thought out in your head. In a majority of cases, your home remodelling spree will be more hectic than you’d like. Don’t be dissuaded, though. It’s going to be completely worth it after everything is done and dusted!

Keep the walls white if you think you might resell it in the future.

It really isn’t a given that houses with white walls sell faster. If you tell anyone that you plan to sell your home in the future, it is highly likely that you’ve come across the “white walls sell fast” stereotype. But the fact remains that if you just blindly go ahead with painting your walls white, there is a possibility that you can simply end up turning your house into a bland sight. Sometimes, a pop of colour or an artistic design can really catch the eye of your potential buyers. Of course, your house still needs to be easily adjustable, so continuous dark patterns or pompous furniture drilled into the walls that can leave marks or holes can be something you refrain from. But white walls don’t HAVE to be the norm.

Go for the addition; you can’t really do your home any harm.

You can, actually. Don’t add a pool if you live in a chilly area. Don’t put in a fireplace if average temperatures make you sweat. Don’t make unnecessary adjustments if they don’t add to the beauty of the house. Don’t invest in a bunch of pointless expenses if it doesn’t add to your house’s convenience or aesthetic value, or you may be doing more harm than good.

Home insurance always has a high premium.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Do your research and find a credible financial institution to take insurance from while also ensuring that you know the ins and outs of the conditions of your insurance. Go for the insurance that you can afford so that it doesn’t cause an issue. Remember, it is crucial to get your home insured as they provide financial covers for any damage to your property by unforeseen disasters.

These were some of the myths about home remodelling that you might come across. Redoing your home and putting an elaborate plan into action might seem like a daunting task, especially with the strict dos and don’ts that many people might be telling you about. Don’t take the advice too seriously, because a lot of this advice might just be myths, much like these! All it really comes down to is keeping your wits about you and putting in the effort to turn your home into a prettier version of itself!