If you’ve been considering home additions in 2021, it may be smart to consider adding one or more home offices to your existing space. Many companies have shifted to a remote work model during the pandemic, and a large portion of these companies will be continuing a hybrid work model for the foreseeable future. This means that even if central offices open back up, many employees will still be permitted to work from their homes for part of the week.

While you may have been working temporarily from your couch or bedroom, this isn’t sustainable. If you plan to continue working from home, it may be time to contemplate home additions like a new office space. The remodelling industry is predicted to continue to grow by around 2% annually through at least 2025, so contractors are certainly available and willing to work with you as you plan out your home additions.

There are numerous considerations as you design a home office space, including the following:


Spend some time thinking about what you’ll need to make sure that your home office space inspires you. If you’ll often be doing creative work there, you’ll need a space where you feel relaxed and can let your thoughts flow freely. Creativity may be a vital part of your work, and if you’re in a small, stifling space, you will find this more difficult.


You’ll want to design a space where you can be as productive as possible. This means that you’ll likely want to avoid an open floor plan and opt instead for a room with a door that closes so you can focus on work as necessary. It can be difficult to work from home, and you may enjoy being able to increase your productivity by changing your environment.


Create a space that allows you to organise all of your computer equipment, books, and files so you have everything that you need to operate your home office. It’s frustrating to continually get up and find something you’re missing or you left in another room, and basic organisation can help limit this. Designing a home office space that you can work in effectively can help make working from home easier for you and your family. You’ll find that you enjoy more productive work time and that your work-home balance improves when you can close the door on your work for the day. Contact us to learn more about your options.